Engineering Excellence at Cranemaster: A Decade of Dedication

Meet Farah Rashid, the driving force behind simulations and analysis at Cranemaster. Originating from Islamabad, Pakistan, Farah's journey unfolds as she shares her experiences from relocating to Norway for a doctoral degree to becoming an integral part of the Cranemaster family. This is a testament to her resilience, expertise, and dedication to the field of engineering.
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“My focus was on my career. And my two girls. We were ready for a fresh start,” Farah recalls. Armed with strength and resilience as a single mom to two young daughters, she navigated the unfamiliar Norwegian landscape with an unwavering commitment.

Doctoral degree in fluid mechanics at University of Oslo

With a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the Quaid e Azam University in Islamabad, Farah’s professional journey began at the Space Agency of Pakistan. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, she set her sights on a doctoral degree in fluid mechanics. Farah was offered a position in both Delft, Netherlands, and Oslo, Norway, and due to faith – and good fortune, at least on Cranemaster’s behalf – she chose the latter.

“My time at University of Oslo was both challenging and delightful. Remember constant juggling with various responsibilities. Although the path was demanding but with right mindset, guidance, and motivation the whole experience was transformative,” Farah reflects on the supportive environment that enriched her academic experience.

A pivotal recommendation from a university friend led her to embrace a role that would shape the next decade of her professional journey.

Crafting simulations that replicate real-world conditions

“As an Engineering Specialist at Cranemaster, my role is to turn the real world into a virtual one,” Farah explains. Her expertise lies in crafting simulations that replicate real-world conditions, offering Cranemaster the ability to make precise predictions for various installations. This is of tremendous value for our customers.

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“Data is the key to accurate simulations,” Farah states as she details the meticulous gathering of information on installation sites, ranging from wave heights and lengths to vessel types and crane capacities.

“All of these data are imported into my model to create a precise replication of the installation site. Then we add the structure and the Cranemaster, and run the simulation,” she details. The simulations provide insights into the forces exerted during lifts and the enhancements that the Cranemaster unit brings, typically resulting in a substantial increase in the weather window.

As a well-known fact in the subsea business, an extended weather window translates to significant time and cost savings. Farah describes the Cranemaster as an “insurance policy” for smooth operations, effectively mitigating risks.

Every project represents an opportunity for upskilling

The rewarding nature of her work resonates with Farah. “Learning new things make me happy. Every project represents an opportunity for upskilling. Structures, materials, vessels and crane capacities all create different scenarios. As well as geography. There is a big difference between waves and currents in the North Sea opposed to the coast of Africa or America, to name only a few. It is fascinating to create the most accurate virtual representation of real-world situations.”

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Some of our units are equipped with sensors that gather real-time data on installations, allowing Farah to compare them to her simulations.

“Sometimes they are exactly the same, that is, of course, very rewarding. But any surprises represent an opportunity to learn, brainstorm, and find new solutions. That’s what has made this company develop and grow,” she remarks with enthusiasm.

Praising the collaborative work environment at Cranemaster

Farah praises the collaborative work environment at Cranemaster, emphasizing the teamwork across sales, engineering, workshop and service personnel. Everyone’s work is integral for securing project success – and a happy customer.

“I also appreciate having the workshop right here at the premises, seeing the units being built and serviced, shipped off, and returning home after a job well done.”

Farah Rashid and Sondre Gonsholt are happy collegues
Farah praises the collaborative work environment at Cranemaster, here together with CTO Sondre Gonsholt.

Navigating Male-Dominated Spaces

Thriving in an industry traditionally dominated by males, Farah views this as “business as usual.”

“I’ve been a part of male dominated environments throughout my career and studies. I don’t know anything else. As a female, you have to prove yourself, demonstrate your capacity. Then everything is ok. That has been my experience even in a conservative society like Pakistan.”

Praising her parents for their unwavering support, Farah recounts her father’s empowering words: “You can do it, have courage and faith in yourself” – no matter what the challenge was, like pursuing an academic career, getting a divorce and moving to Norway with two small children and raising them as a single mom.

These are values and beliefs that Farah has passed on to her daughters, now aged 20 and 18, pursuing careers in medicine and science.

Increased female representation in engineering and tech

Farah expresses her desire for increased female representation in engineering and tech. “We need a lot more engineers in the years to come. It’s a future-oriented occupation that offers great opportunities to foster curiosity and problem-solving skills.”

But her most important advice: “Chase your dreams, and have courage in yourself. That is what I tell my girls.”

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