Offshore Lift Analysis

Our engineering department can assist with in-dept analysis of the offshore lifting operation. This is especially valuable when performing heavy lifting in demanding operating conditions.

Analysis of Your Offshore Lifting Operation

Our engineering department with highly experienced phd-engineers can assist with analysis of the offshore lift operation. This includes:

  • Force analysis in crane/winch/load during transfer lifts or through the splash zone
  • Operational weather window calculations
  • Subsea landing speed analysis

We can also provide review of the above based on analysis received from the customer. Our calculations are carried out using OrcaFlex.

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Cranemaster Provides Three Levels of Lift Analysis Engineering

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is reported as a technical memo, and uses all available information about the lift and the application to determine the eventual operational benefit of using Cranemaster.

Normal Level Technical Report

The normal level offshore lift analysis require drawings of the structures, vessel RAO’s and rigging information. The end result is a technical report providing all the simulation results and the weather window using methodology in accordance with DNVGL-RP-N103.

Extensive Level Statistical Analysis

In addition to the normal level offshore lift analysis, the extensive level provides a full extreme value statistical analysis of the lifting operation, giving the detailed weather window with an agreed confidence level.

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Talk to us about your project

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