Engineering Services

Cranemaster supports customers with analysis and engineering services for a variety of offshore crane and lifting operations worldwide, whether it be a small-scale calculation, a complex dynamic simulation, a feasibility report demonstrating the potential benefit of using a Cranemaster or an independent analysis. With a track record of close to 1000 successful projects and more than 35 years of offshore heavy lift experience, the Cranemaster Team are ready for any challenge!

Product Development

  • Mechatronic Design (CAD)
    • Front end innovation
    • 3D modeling
    • Technical drawings
  • Engineering Analysis (CAE)
    • Hand calculations
    • Structural Analysis (FEA)

Operational Engineering & Analysis

  • Motion Analysis (OrcaFlex)
    • Heavy lift analysis — Calculation of forces in crane, load and rigging for all critical phases
    • Operational weather window calculations
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Mooring analysis
  • Improved load chart calculations


  • Independent advice
  • Third party engineering reviews

Fully equipped facilities

  • Heave motion simulator
  • In-house cranes
  • Hyperbaric test chambers
  • Load test benches
  • Direct access to quayside

Talk to us about your project

Talk to us about your project

We’re always excited to help our clients tackle their challenges when it comes to lifting operations. Our competent engineers will help you find the correct product for your requirements!
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