Transfer Lifts

Remove peak loads in crane and rigging

Operational Challenges

  • Dynamic load on crane or load at lift-off for lifts in air
  • Limited operational weather window because of harsh weather conditions
  • Any operation where peak loads may arise
  • Potential re-entry of load being lifted represents a significant risk

Cranemaster Benefits

  • Increasing the operational weather window of the lifting operation
  • Protection of crane and lifted structure in all lifting phases by reducing the dynamic amplification factor (DAF)
  • Immediate response to potential dangerous loads
  • Enabling crane to maintain its lifting capacity at increased wave height

Shock absorption since 1983

The first applications of Cranemaster units back in the early 1980s were related to shock absorption and since then small units with SWL of a few ton up to large units with SWL of 500 ton have been developed.

Please contact us for discussions of specially designed Cranemaster units used for shock absorption.

MOB boats, lifeboats and NORSOK R-002

Over the years Cranemaster has delivered a number of different units for deployment/retrieval of MOB, work boats, and lifeboats. In the NORSOK R-002, edition 2. issued in September 2012 there are strict rules for shock absorption during lifting of MOB boats and lifeboats.

Cranemaster is an excellent solution to these requirements, and is well suited in cases where the use of elastic pennant is impractical or does not give sufficient dampening.

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