Quick Lift

Quick Lift prevents re-contact of load with the deck due to vessel heeling after lift-off. The functionality is part of the Cranemaster Adaptive Control System.

Operational Challenges

  • For cranes with a slow lifting speed, there may be a risk of re-contact between the structure and the barge.
  • Re-contact of load at lift-off due to vessel heeling.

Cranemaster Benefits

  • Using accumulator stored pressure to provide additional lifting during lift-off from barge or supply vessel.
  • The Quick Lift functionality will lift the load by pulling in the piston and thereby avoiding re-contact.

Cranemaster solution for WTG feeder


Installation vessels are expensive assets and their main work is to do installation work offshore; not transporting components. Such transportation can be done by using a cheaper feeder barge or vessel. This is something already been used in offshore wind foundations and other market like oil & gas.

Another particular situation is the Jones Act regulation which is applicable in the US, where non-US installation vessels can not enter a US port for picking up the Wind Turbine Components (WTG) for following doing the installation.

The physical challenges:

As feeder vessels or barges move on the waves (heave), relative motions between the installation vessel and the heaving barge need to be handled.

The solution

Cranemaster can contribute to feeder objects like Wind Turbine Components (WTG) from shore to the installation vessel. As the feeder vessel or barge is heaving, motions needs to be handled. Cranemaster has a solution for this, by first providing a smooth tensioning of the rigging, avoiding shock loads, secondly, compensate for heaving. As installation vessel cranes have slow hoisting speed, there is a risk of re-contact dyring the lift-off following the upwards heave of the feeder vessel. The Quick Lift feature of Cranemaster can solve this problem by a fast retraction of the piston rod, enabling sufficient lifting speed and height to secure that there is no re-contact.

Field Proven

Cranemaster has a track record of nearly 1000 offshore heavy lift projects and know the offshore heavy lift challenges. During more than a decade, Cranemaster Quick Lift technology has been used in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Since then, we have improved and refined this technology with several add-on features*. Recently Quick lift has demonstrated it’s value also during Offshore Wind farm installation. In addition to extensive testing and data, we have a unique and solid track record of this technology.


Quick Lift can be retrofitted to the majority of our Cranemaster tools. Thus, be quickly available based on a long history of well proven and robust Cranemaster technology.

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