Everyone can help limit climate change

Being a part of the offshore industry we are conscious about the vast environmental impacts and seek ways to reduce it. Our ultimate goal is reaching net-zero. Thus far, we have focused or effort on those measures we can control most directly, namely reducing our energy consumption.
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First and foremost, we turned our headquarter into an energy-efficient building, extracting heat from the sea using a heat pump that extracts energy from the sea outside our office. The heat is distributed as waterborne heat to offices and workshops. Our Building Management System (BMS) optimizes energy consumption with time-controlled heating, ventilation, etc. 

Over the past two years, we have optimized the building through our BMS and reduced our energy consumption by 20%. This fall we hope achieving an additional 10% reduction by switching to LED lighting in all our fixtures and doing a thermal scan to identify any “energy leaks.”  

This year we invested in a new solar panel system which is expected to cover approximately 70-80% of our energy needs. Furthermore, during our summer months we will export excess electricity back into the grid.

169 panels are installed – with an effect of 106,82 KWp

We are not seeking to put a green sheen on Cranemaster, but rather contribute to lowering the consumption and emissions of our industry in a small way.  Act now, and start with UNs 10 actions to tackle the climate crisis.