Our apprentice Såmund is now certified!

Tuesday April 25th Såmund received his trade certificate. This modest and cool kid who grew up in Seljord, Telemark. After two years of vocational college, he started as an apprentice at Cranemaster in July 2021, and has been thriving ever since.
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– I´ve learned so much over the last two years and appreciate how the Cranemaster team has allowed me to grow with increasingly more demanding assignments.  The of the service team have supported me all the way and gladly shared their vast knowledge with me. I could not have asked for a better place to do my apprenticeship. 

During his final exam Såmund demonstrated his ability to take apart a CM2-150T-3000 A, inspect for potential wear and tear, maintenance, and putting it back together as well as documenting the entire process. The exam is usually carried out over 70 hours over 10-day period. However, Såmund did his 70 hours within 7 days!! Still, he passed with flying colours!

Our certified apprentice Samund is cleaning a unit
Our certified apprentice Samund is making sure there are no abnormality on the unit
CM2-150T-3000 A after the overhaul

Apart from being a skilled worker Såmund is an excellent driver and drifter.  In his spare time, you find him around all tracks in Norway and Sweden competing in various amateur leagues. When asked why he got into drifting he said:

– I love the feeling of pushing both the car´s and my own limits and get a tremendous rush from the sport. It allows me to travel, meet likeminded people, and fill my adrenalin quota. In addition, it’s an interest I share with my dad, and this allows us to spend time together doing what we both love.