Mudmat safely installed in deep waters

Customer Challenge:

Deployment of a large mudmat (13,75 x 13,75 meter) at 1788 meter water depth  in the Gulf of Mexico. For ease of operation, the mudmat is deployed horizontally.

Considerations to be handled by Cranemaster:

  • The unit should have enough load capacity to support the dynamic loads during all phases of the installation.
  • The length of the unit should allow for deck handling during deployment.
  • At any stage in the installation, the unit should be able to stroke but not extend to the maximum allowable limit.
  • The stiffness of the unit should be sufficiently low to eliminate the risk for lowering resonance zone during the lowering to depths.

Cranemaster Solution:

A feasibility study was conducted, demonstrating the benefit of adding Cranemaster to the operation.

The following phases were analyzed:

  • Lift off from the supply vessel.
  • Deployment through the splash zone.
  • Lowering and resonance check at every 200 meter till 1700 meter water depth.
  • Seabed landing.

The Cranemaster unit CM3-75T-4000 with passive depth compensation (CMDC) was chosen for this project for its unbeatable advantages. CMDC is a patented1) robust, passive depth compensation solution especially made for deep water operations. For a soft and controlled landing, the stroke capacity is maintained throughout the lowering phase and potential resonance during lowering is eliminated. The unit was configured to handle both splash zone crossing and subsea landing with the same setting, which was enabled by the CMDC.

1)InterMoore Inc., the owner of US patent 7934561 “Depth Compensated Subsea Passive Heave Compensator”, has granted Cranemaster an exclusive worldwide right of the use of this patent.

The Results:

The operation went very well and Cranemaster significantly extended the weather window for the installation.

Mobilization and demobilization was handled by our US representative Marine & Industrial.

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