Say hello to Henning!

The summer holidays are over, and we´re heading for an exciting and hectic season. To kick-off the first week, we´re thrilled to present our new star engineer on our team.
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Henning Sira graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in digital Animation. And if that wasn´t enough, he´s now finishing up his second bachelor in Mechanic Engineering alongside a fulltime job. Pretty impressive! With 15 years of experience from TechnipFMC as a System verification Engineer, Henning is joining our engineering team as a Project Engineer.

An Industrious man
When asked why he wanted to work at Cranemaster, Henning explained; “I was ready for a challenge and wanted to try something new. Besides, it is a close-knit organization without a predominant hierarchical structure which I really like”. This modest and knowledgeable man did not waste any time during his first week and has already created a visual installation guide for our newest unit, a 1100T Cranemaster which will be put in action in the following weeks.

“It was both fun and (obviously) a bit scary to be thrown into a project the first week. I feel I´ve learned a lot already, and I´m exciting to contribute and develop myself even further here at Cranemaster.”

Henning Sira

The home application Guru
In his spare time Henning enjoys the outdoors, and spending time in the nature. Yet, his pet project is automating his own house, everything from coffee machine to lights. He has actually connected his light sensors in the bathroom to the shower cubicle!? So, if you need any advice on house automation – this is the guy!

We couldn´t be happier to finally welcome Henning to our team with his unique skills of both digital animation, engineering and (even) house-automation.

Our new engineer Henning Sira standing in front of Cranemaster-building

Name: Henning Sira
Age: 43
Residence: Drangedal
Heaviest item lifted: A stove