Pioneering offshore wind solutions with The WindRise project

Cranemaster partners with Norwegian leaders in WindRise project, pioneering sustainable offshore wind solutions.
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We are pleased to announce our involvement in the innovation project WindRise, where Cranemaster joins forces with the leading Norwegian players in value chain to develop a solution for sustainable up-scaled production, transport and installation of offshore wind substructures. As the world increasingly turns towards renewable energy sources, it brings us great satisfaction to know that Cranemaster is at the forefront of this pivotal initiative. Together, we are driving the future of sustainable energy forward.

The WindRise Initiative

The WindRise project aims to address the pressing need for rapid and large-scale development of offshore wind farms to meet national and global climate goals. With targets set by the EU for significant offshore wind capacity expansion by 2050, there is an urgent demand for scalable and cost-effective solutions. However, the current production technology, infrastructure and installation methods are not prepared for this rapid growth, and new innovative solutions are needed.

Read more about the project here.

Collaborative Innovation

At the heart of WindRise is the collaboration among key stakeholders in the Norwegian offshore wind value chain. This integrated approach encompasses design, production, transport, and installation of bottom-fixed substructures, laying the groundwork for accelerated development of large offshore wind farms. Cranemaster, represented by Farah Rashid and Sondre Gonsholt, brings their expertise and experience from offshore operations and heave compensation solutions to the project. They look forward to contribute in finding innovative solutions for reducing dynamic loads and increasing the operability during transportation and installation of substructures.

Aker Solutions is the owner of the project, and along with Cranemaster are the partners BOA Offshore, DOF, Scanmudring, Sarens, NGI, SINTEF Ocean, SINTEF Manufacturing, SINTEF Industry and Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult Centre (MTNC).

Sondre Gonsholt presenting Cranemaster at the kick- off meeting at Aker Solutions in Verdal.

The Windrise project is supported by Norges forskningsråd, Innovasjon Norge, and SIVA – SELSKAPET FOR INDUSTRIVEKST SF under the Green Platform initiative.