Installation of the First Floating Wind Turbines in Provence

Cranemaster supported SBM Offshore with the installation of the company’s first three floating wind turbines in the Provence Grand Large pilot project. Our staff and units, CM3-700T-4500, played a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and efficient installation process located 17 km off the coast of Port-Saint-Louis-Du-Rhône in France.

Customer Challenge

The primary challenge for this operation was stabilization and peak load mitigation due to wave induced motions during the pull-down and hook-up of a Tension Leg Platform (TLP’s) to suction anchors.

The TLP’s were manufactured for 3 pcs. floating Wind Turbine Generators (WGT), located in the Mediterranean sea, 17 km off the coast.

Cranemaster Solution

Cranemaster provided 2 pcs. SWL 700 ton PHC for two of the TLP legs, and a spread of two SWL 400 ton for the third leg. The units were also equipped with ROV hooks, to ease the connection and disconnection of the pull lines subsea. The Cranemaster units were active/working at a water depth around 80 metres.

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The Results

After the installation of Cranemaster units in-line to temporary pull-down lines subsea, the units were extended to equal strokes due to pull-down tension force added by top side strandjacks. Cranemaster units worked as intended as an “elastic” element.

The use of Cranemasters in this operation resulted in successfully avoiding peak loads in the pull-down/hook-up lines. The load could be safely transferred to the permanent mooring lines, which keep the floating WTG’s in position.

The site Provence Grand Large is expected to generate wind power supporting the power needs of approximately 45,000 inhabitants in south of France in years to come.

Project presentation Provence Grand Large

SBM Offshore Project Presentation

Assembly of Wind Turbine

Cranemaster were also involved in the assembly of the three 8 MW floating wind turbines, manufactured and delivered by Siemens Gamesa. The units used for this purpose were CM3-400T-4200.


ApplicationPull-down and mooring of tension leg platform floaters for wind turbine generators
Cranemaster unitCM3-700T-4500 ; CM3-400T-4200
FeaturesStandard passive heave compensation / Overload protection
IndustryOffshore Wind
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