SBM Offshore selected Cranemaster when installing floating wind turbines

Cranemaster proudly announces a successful collaboration with SBM Offshore for the installation of the first three floating wind turbines in the Provence Grand Large pilot project. Our staff and units, CM3-700T-4500, played a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and efficient installation process located 17 km off the coast of Port-Saint-Louis-Du-Rhône in France.
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Challenging marine environment with high waves and deep water

Øyvind Hole, project engineer, led the project from Cranemaster’s side.

“The handling pre-test commenced at Cranemaster site in June with a comprehensive trial fit of Cranemaster’s CM3-700T-4500 and CM3-400T-4200 units, with it’s rigging connectors attached”, Hole explains. “This guaranteed resilience for the challenging handling in marine environment and water depth of around 100 meters.”

By the end of July, the equipment was safely transported from Norway to France. Cranemaster units were efficiently loaded in late August, facilitating the secure installation of the wind turbines by September.

The most powerful offshore turbines in France

The floating wind farm features three tension leg floaters, each supporting 8.4MW Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy turbines. They are developed by SBM Offshore in collaboration with IFP Energies Nouvelles.

“The wind farm currently hosts the most powerful offshore turbines in France. The site Provence Grand Large is expected to generate electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 45,000 inhabitants.”

Øyvind Hole, Project Engineer Cranemaster

The installation achieved a significant milestone in SBM Offshore’s engineering, procurement, construction, and installation endeavors.

“This collaborative achievement underpins both Cranemaster’s and SBM Offshore’s dedication to innovation, safety, and sustainable energy solutions”, Hole proudly concludes.

For more in-depth information about the project, read this reference case.

Project presentation by SBM Offshore