Installation of suction pile in deep water

Customer Challenge:

Installation of a 50 metric tons suction pile for the Boabab Phase 3 project outside West Africa. Operations in deep water areas put strong demands on the equipment to be used. A common challenge when using passive heave compensators in deep water, is the deep water pressure pushing the piston back in, resulting in reduced efficiency of the system.

Cranemaster Solution:

A Cranemaster unit with SWL of 75 metric tons and 4 meter stroke. The unit was equipped with Cranemaster Passive Depth Compensation (CMDC), a robust system especially made for deep water operations. Stroke remains constant independent of depth and potential resonance during lowering is eliminated.

The Results:

The Cranemaster unit with the CMDC system worked as expected during the whole lowering process. The suction pile was safely deployed through the splash zone, lowered through deep water, and installed at the seabed. No snap loads, no lowering resonance, and controlled landing contributed to the success.

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